Layout Lessons

These layout lessons are aimed specifically for tabletop roleplaying games. You don’t need any previous knowledge to participate, and if you decide to join a group lesson that has already had a few sessions, you will have the option to watch a VOD of the previous lessons.

There are two types of lessons available:

Individual lesson: only 1 student per session. Content of the lesson personalized and focused on your interests and needs. This lesson is $80/hour.

Group lesson: minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 students. Content of the lesson decided by me. This lesson is $40/hour.

To schedule a lesson, send me an email to
Check samples of my layout work here.


What software do you use?

I use Indesign for layout, edit photos in Photoshop, and some some vector work in Illustrator. I will request the use of any layout software you can have available, but be aware that there could be differences in tools. The other software are recommended but not mandatory.

Do we have to get a group together or do we just apply for a group lesson?

Just apply! I will sort the groups depending on time availability of the students.

Is the group price per person?

Yes, $40 per hour per person.

Do I need anything before booking a lesson?

No previous knowledge needed. As for tools, any layout software is ok, but be aware that I use Adobe Indesign and that there might be some differences in options between different software.