Design Rates

The following are my design rates. If you need something that is not listed here, contact me and we can figure it out. Also, if you suffer economic hardship and you need my services, contact me anyway and we can work with your budget.


Please note that a revision equals an email sent to me with corrections. I don’t like being spammed with emails, so try to point out as many changes as you can per email.


(books, magazines, booklets, brochures, etc)
$ 100 up to 10 page document*
  • $8 per page afterwards


(custom logo for your brand)
$ 110 per logo*
  • $10 for color palette


(for streaming services like Twitch or Youtube)
$ 70 per overlay*
  • $50 for 3 additional overlays (usually "starting soon", "be right back" and "thanks for watching")

Character Sheet

(custom made character sheet for your game)
$ 80 for the first page*
  • $35 per page afterwards


(ads, book covers, posters, cover images)
$ 50 per piece*
  • $200 for an amount of graphics of a Kickstarter page

Character Art

(drawings, photo manipulations, or posters of your character)
$ 10 base price*
  • $15 for a chibi drawing
  • $25 for a non-chibi drawing
  • $35 for a photo manipulation
  • $45 for a poster